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Honorary Consulate General of Morocco

The Honorary Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco for the region of New England was recognized in June, 2004.  The Consulate’s mission is to promote trade, tourism and investment, as well as cultural and educational links between New England and the Kingdom of Morocco.


Important Note about Passports and Visas:  

The New England Honorary Consulate General does not advise on or process visa applications.  For information on all consular matters, including visas and passports, please contact the Consulate General in New York.  Contact information is located at the Embassies and Consulates link.

The Kingdom of Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco is a constitutional monarchy, with the King as the chief of state, and the prime minister as the head of government. The capital is Rabat and its largest commercial center is Casablanca.  Morocco has 34 million people, mostly Arab-Berbers and Sunni Muslims. The official languages are Arabic and Berber, with French often used in business, government and diplomacy.  

Morocco is a mountainous country, with the Rif mountains along the northern coast and the Atlas Mountains in the center. Morocco’s fertile lowlands support agriculture; major crops include barley, wheat, and sugar beets.  Other key sectors of the economy include tourism, aerospace, automotive, phosphates, textiles, apparel and subcomponents. 

US-Morocco Relations

The Kingdom of Morocco and the United States of America are bound by a special alliance dating back to 1777 when Morocco became the first country to formally recognize the newly independent United States. In 1786, Morocco and the United States of America signed a Treaty of friendship that is still in force making it the longest-standing unbroken treaty in US history. This treaty formalized US-Moroccan relations and was signed by the Sultan of Morocco, Mohammed III, as well as John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.